How to make origami stereo



Learn how to make a edgy origami heart with these clear origami instructions. These are the perfect decorations for Valentine's Day. They can be hung and used as pendants. When hanging on a garland, you can also stick them on the ends of chopsticks, straws or pencils.

These fluffy origami hearts are also opened like 蛤s. If you use thin and strong paper and add a little glue to the flaps in step 29, you can use them as a gift box for jewelry, or even Used as an engagement ring!

Continue with 2 9 below.

1. Start with the white side. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom. Expand.

2. You need to pinch it, about 2 inches long.

3. Pinch, fold halfway from right to left, and then only wrinkle the area.

4. Fold left and right into the middle. Continue with 3 9 below.

5. This is what you should have.

6. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom.

7. Results.

8. Fold the top right corner slightly and imagine that there are 4 equal parts on the top, which is not necessarily accurate. Continue to the next 4 9 .

9. Fold the left corner down and fold the diagonal only in the right corner.

10. Repeat on the left side.

11. You should see a V in the middle.

12. Fold the corners inward as shown. Continue to 5 9 below.

13. Open the paper again.

14. Fold the lower left and lower right corners into the middle.

15. Expand and fold the corner to the previous crease. 16. Reverse folding of the creases produced in step 14. Continue to the next 6 9 .

17. Open the front layer while holding the inside of the bezel together.

18. Fold the small flip behind itself following the crease created in step 15.

19. Results. If you don't know this part, you may need to use some glue at the end.

20. Do the left side. Continue to 7 9 below.

21. Rotate the model to work on the opposite side.

22. Fold the lower left and lower right corners into the middle. Expand.

23. Fold them into the previous creases. Expand.

24. Fold the previous crease. Repeat on the left. Continue to 9 9 below.

25. Pick up the heart and fold the left and right corners backwards.

26. Enhance the diamond at the mountain fold.

27. Close the heart while pressing the top diamond.

28. Open it slightly and look at the flip in the upper right corner. Continue to 9 9 below.

29. Similar to the flap we fixed at the bottom, flip the flap at the front or back to fix it.

30. Make it easier with chopsticks or other things. If you don't understand this step, please use some glue!

31. Now you can insert the flap at one end of the heart into your pocket.

32. I was squashed, so we popped it again with chopsticks.