How to make an origami mouse



Origami mice are so cute, not so terrible compared to real things. This is a medium level project and is even suitable for children. From a distance, you may mistake this origami mouse for a real deal, but unlike naughty mice, these mice are friendly and non-destructive!

You can make a bunch of origami by folding the back and ears differently, which is slightly different. There are many mouse poses. This project only needs a square piece of paper.

1. Start with diagonal paper, so it is diamond shaped. If your paper has a white side, make the white side face up.
Push the bottom corner up to the top corner, make it, and then unfold. Next, fold the upper right corner to the upper left corner and expand.
2. Fold the lower left and lower right corners to the center crease. If your paper is thick, leave a small gap between the two edges.
Expand the previous step. Fold the upper left and upper right corners again to fit the center crease - if the paper is thick, leave a small gap in the middle.
Tip: Fold as accurately as possible to ensure that the print results are clear and tidy.

3. Focus on the flip cover on the right side. Pull the inner corner up and push the lower right side.
Flatten the flaps that are now formed in the middle.
Repeat the same process on the left side.
Rotate the paper to the left.

4. Fold the small folds into vertical folds and fold one on the other.
Then, fold them all to the right. The small flap that is trapped there will eventually become the mouse's ear.
Take the rightmost corner and fold it to the position of the small red dot (see image).
Expand the final step and fold the back cover.

5. Turn the paper over to the other side. Fold the upper right and lower right corners diagonally toward the center crease.
Fold the paper in half from top to bottom, flatten the inner bezel
(The upper right corner is the nose of the mouse).
Fold the left corner (tail) diagonally to the right to align the new right edge of the tail with the previously created crease.
6. Now you should have a shape similar to the fourth image in this step.
Tip: By changing these folds, you can achieve many different body shapes and tail lengths.

7. Move the tail back to the left to create a new crease at the same angle as the left edge (the back of the mouse).
Turn the mouse over to the other side. If you want to place your tail on the surface (rather than up or down), make sure the bottom edge of the mouse is aligned with the end of the tail.
Open the end of the mouse, then fold the tail of the mouse inward and pull the tail out. This is called internal reverse folding.
8. Fold the remaining tail portion under the mouse.

9. Now, you will fold the mouse's ear! Fold one of them back (you can also make a different angle here).
Open your ears with a pencil or chopsticks. Push it into a circle with your thumb.
You can also fold the lower part if you want the origami mouse to look straight ahead instead of looking up.
Tip: If you want to fold this origami mouse with your child, they can draw some eyes and beards to make it more interesting, and even fold an origami elephant to work with your mouse.