How to make origami lily


Traditional origami lily flower tutorial illustration
Use these simple instructions to learn how to make simple origami lilies. This traditional origami model uses only one piece of paper and takes about five minutes.

This origami model will be suitable for those who have folded simple models such as origami masu boxes. For a simpler model, maybe try the origami sailing tutorial.

1. If so, please face the paper first.

2. Fold and fold the paper in half.

3. Fold the paper in half on another diagonal and then unfold.

4. You should now have two diagonal creases.

5. Turn the paper over.

6. Fold the paper in half as shown and unfold it.

7. Fold the paper in half as shown.

8. Grab the triangle at the bottom, open the area in the upper right corner, and then lower it to the lowest point.

9. Flatten the crease in the middle.

10. Flatten the top. This is called a square base.

11. The open end must be at the top.

12. Fold the layer on the right edge to the center as shown.

13. Fold the layer on the left side into the middle as shown.

14. Open the crease just made.

15. Open a layer from the right side and flatten it.

16. This should be what you have.

17. Perform steps 12-16 for the remaining three layers.

18. Make sure the model looks like this - flip the layer to get a solid cross section.

19. Fold the right edge into the middle.

20. Fold the left edge into the middle.

21. Fold the other three layers in the same way.

22. Fold a layer from top to bottom.

23. Fold the other three layers in the same way.

24. Congratulations on origami lily success!