Making a simple origami boat


Step-by-step instructions
Two origami traditional boats
Learn how to make the most famous origami boats with this quick and easy step-by-step tutorial. This origami boat can also float in the water.

This origami boat is a good model for teaching children. It is similar to an origami hat made with newspapers. Also, when your child creates with geometry, origami can be a great math-related activity for kids.

For this origami boat, you need a rectangular paper. You can use plain white printer paper, letterhead or any other size paper as long as it is rectangular.

Origami is from China. The word means the art of folding paper. “Ori” means “folding” and kami means “paper”. In modern usage, the term "origami" is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices. The goal is to transform a flat square piece of paper into a finished sculpture by folding and engraving techniques.

First fold
Hand folding origami
Start with a rectangular paper, placed vertically, with long edges up and down.
Fold the lower half to the top.
Fold the lower right corner to the left corner, then pinch a small piece so that you can fold the paper. Open it for backup.
Create a triangle shape
Folding origami boat hand
Guide the crease and fold the lower left and lower right corners up to the middle.
Flatten the folded part.
Rotate the paper.
Fold a layer from bottom to top along the bottom of the front bezel.
a boat begins to take shape
Folding origami traditional ship's hand
Turn the paper over to the other side.
Fold the bottom edge up in the same way.
Expand and fold the lower right corner along the crease you made.
Repeat the above steps on the flap on the lower left.
Forming the bottom of the ship
Hand shaping origami boat
Refold the bottom edge.
Open the bottom of the model.
Look at the corner. Flatten and insert the overlapping flip into the left side below the right side.
Last few folds
Hand folding origami traditional boat
Fold up one layer.
Repeat on the back.
Open the bottom of the model.
Folding boat
Hand folding origami traditional boat
Pull the flaps on the left and right sides.
Flatten it into a boat
Open it a little. The middle triangle is like a sail. And, you are done.
You may need to shape the bottom of the boat so that it can stand.